Release notes

Version 1.4.4, August 2017

  • Several non critical bugs fixed. Improved the stability of the app for some Android devices.

Version, February 2017

  • Critical bug fixed: the bug was preventing the boiler from stop, when reached the desired temperature. This bug was present only in manual mode. Please, update the app, and reinstall all the software in the arduino yun to fix this bug.

Version 1.4.3, February 2017

  • Attending your wishes, the configuration screen for the programs has been improved. Until this version, it was possible to establish the desired temperature in a program only for an hourly period. The new version allows you to configure the heat periods with a precision of a minute. If you want to know more about this new feature, please visit the app manual.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the app from receive updates with changes in the external ip address from the router of your home..

Version 1.4.2, January 2017

  • Some users reported problems when using wireless sensors as master sensors. If this is your case, then use the wizard to deploy again the sketch into the yun, as it includes some improvements related with this issue.
  • A crash happening after completing the checkout process is fixed now.

Version 1.4.1, December 2016

  • The relay type (low level triggered or high level triggered), is stored in the EEPROM. This way, after a reboot, we can apply the appropriate state to the relay to turn it off until.
  • Stability improvements and many little bug fixes.

Version 1.4, December 2016

This version solves important problems, adds new features and has important changes. Because of that, it is important to do a complete update from the backend and the sketch on the Arduino Yun.

If you are using wireless sensors, you have to update the sketch for them too. The new version of the sketch for the wireless sensors is available here.

Bugs fixed.

  • A bug in the Yun’s sketch was causing that the temperature for the master sensor connected to the yun with wires, was always 0. This is solved now.
  • The wizard installation process has been improved and is more reliable now.
  • All the source code related with the wireless sensors has been rewritten, and the should work in a more reliable way now.
  • The global reaction speed of the whole system has been improved.
  • Many other little bugs have been solved.

New features

  • Now, the yun can manage up to 20 wired temperature sensors, connected in serial mode with the main temperature sensor. If you have the chance to use wired sensors, they are more reliable than the wireless version.
  • You can use now a “Low Level Triggered Relay”. Low level triggered relays are triggered when the Arduino sends a low signal, and where working in the opposite way as pretended with our project. You can configure in the settings section of the app, which kind of relay you are using. More info about this topic here.
  • If you provide the location of your home in the settings screen, the app will use it to obtain the forecast prediction and will show the outside temperature in the master sensor widget.
  • The name of the app has been changed. We are planning to make it compatible with raspberry pi’s, and we think that “Smart Thermostat” is a good definition for what the whole project does.
  • Alarms. There are three possible alarms that you can activate in the settings section of the app:
    • Yun Offline: the yun pings the app at intervals. If a certain (configurable) threshold is exceeded without pings from the yun, a notification is showed in the app. This can be useful to control when your Yun is powered off, or when the Yun looses the connection to the internet.
    • System on and demanding heat, but the temperature is not increasing: if in a certain period of time (configurable), the temperature is not increasing, then a notification is showed in the app. This can be useful to detect a problem in your  heating system, or for example, when someone has turned the heating on, and has forgotten to close a window.
    • Last temperature form the master sensor expired: you can configure a threshold, and if the date of the last temperature measured by the master sensor is older than this threshold, then a notification is showed in the app. This can be useful to diagnose problems when using wireless sensors.
  • You can reboot the arduino from the app: in the contextual menu on the toolbar, you will find an option to reboot the arduino yun.

Free version and Premium Version

Until now, there was only one version: the free one. Unfortunately, to maintain this project alive, and to improve it and develop new features, we have decided that the “always free” scene is not a possible way for us.

Therefore we have adopted the “freemium” model. You can use all the features of the app for free for a month. We consider that 30 days are enough to test the app, to buy an Arduino Yun and all the needed hardware if you are really interested in it.

After the test period, you have to buy the premium upgrade to continue using the app. By buying the premium version, you contribute to maintain this project alive, and we will be very  thankful for your support.

If you think you need more time to evaluate the features of the app, please, contact for us to obtain an extension.

If you decide to buy the app, please make sure that it satisfies your needs and is working well with your hardware, before paying for it.

Thank you for using our project, and if you have comments or suggest, don’t hesitate to tell about them us in our forum or using the contact form.