Smart Thermostat for Arduino Yun

The Smart Thermostat for Arduino Yun is discontinued!
If you are looking for a way to build your own and cheap Smart Thermostat, please consider our new project at

This web site will be conserved as documentation for the old users of the Smart Thermostat for Arduino Yun, but we don’t recommend to buy the your smart thermostat with an Yun anymore.
There are more reliable and cheaper ways to have an Smart Thermostat. Please, visit our website and fell free to ask all what you want.


If you have an old Arduino Yun at home, and you don’t know what to do with it, then… well, keep reading…


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Smart Thermostat for Arduino Yun is a Home Automation DIY project. With this project, you can control your boiler or heat system wirelessly. It is bases on the well known Arduino Yun microcontroller, and need a few accessories: a temperature sensor, a relay, and a set of cables. The cost of all the components is under 90€

You can replace your classic thermostat on the wall with Thermostat for Arduino Yun, and control your boiler with your smartphone manually, or configure programs that will command you boiler automatically. You can use the app when you are not at home. All you need is a working internet connection.

Another cool features are:

  • You can have up to 20 wired sensors, and you can configure which sensor is the master that controls the heating. In this way, you can program control the temperature of your home based on a concrete room and change the room that rules the heating in an easy way.
  • You can have up to 5 wireless sensors. No need to connect wired sensors!
  • The thermostat can work in manual mode or auto mode. In manual mode, you have to turn the heating on and or yourself.
  • In auto mode, you can configure up to 5 different programs for each day of the week, and each hour of the day. Then the thermostat will follow the program, until it is turned off by the user.
  • Thermostat For Arduino Yun knows when you are at home or away, and can act accordingly to save energy.
  • The software installation on the Yun was simplified with the help of a Wizard. You can now configure the arduino Yun and deploy all the needed software in two easy steps.
  • And the most important feature: we listen to you. If you have a cool idea, or a special need, tell us about it in our forum, and perhaps we can add it to the project.

Hardware needed

  • An Arduino YUN microcontroller.
  • A digital temperature sensor DS18B20.
  • A relay to switch your home heating system on and off. An important feature: the relay needs to be a “High Level Trigger Relay”.
  • A breadboard, male-male wires, and male-female wires. You have the complete pack in amazon.
  • An old micro sd card. 1 or 2Gb are enough.
  • A micro usb cable, to power the yun.
  • An Android device, to install the app that controls the thermostat.

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Software needed

  • You need the Android App “Smart Thermostat”, available on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

You don’t need advanced knowledge in electronics to build and configure the project. All is explained in the following articles:

If you succesfully configured the yun, and you have all working, you can expand the project and install wireless sensors. You can use them in other rooms in you home to control your boiler.

If you have doubts or questions, please visit our forum and we will try to help you.